GoldenCrab Studios is an independent game developer focused on designing and building digital games. We are currently a small team of two co-owners able to make small, professional games; but we'd like to start adding more like-minded developers to our team over time to improve our manpower and areas of expertise.


The projects we have planned and in progress are varied in concept and genre, each using original characters and settings. As we finish and release games, we want to increase the amount of content we can include per game and improve our abilities to introduce new and interesting mechanics or refine existing ones. No matter the scale of the project we’re working on, we want the final result to feel polished.​


Most importantly, we hope to make lots of games that you will love no matter how many times you play them!


GoldenCrab Founder Kyle Roth

J. Kyle Roth - Co-Founder, Lead Programmer & Designer

Kyle has a degree in computer science and has work experience as a software developer. He writes professionally and creatively as a hobby. He studies game development at every opportunity. His favorite games to play are adventures and RPGs, he'll watch a good anime or action cartoon when time allows, and he enjoys pen and paper games as much as video games. His Modern deck in Magic the Gathering is a Ponza brew.

GoldenCrab Founder Jonahan Moss

Jonathan I. Moss - Co-Founder, Lead Artist & Designer

Jonathan has been obsessed with video games since he was a child and started getting into game design in his early teens when he began spending more time using level editors than playing the actual games.  He values a quality experience over everything and is very willing to try new games if they look good. Meanwhile he hopes to create many games other people will enjoy for years to come!  He has also watched far too much anime.

GoldenCrab Empty Member Slot

Developers Wanted - We hope to add more members to our team over time!

Currently GoldenCrab lacks the funds to hire any new members, and honestly we value the work of others too much to even dare ask anyone work for us for free.  Currently both Founders work on these games for free due to their passion for their work and their hope that one day GoldenCrab will be a profitable endeavor they can both live off of.  Based on these standards we encourage you to only inquire if you share these passions and hopes with no guarantee of getting anything back from it.