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Great Gun Gauntlet is all about dodging, deflecting, and destroying the turrets and obstacles that are brought into the strange testing facility's combat arena.  Test your skills by trying to survive until the end of each gauntlet, or try to beat your best scores in endless mode.  This game is pure high energy arcade action with plenty of replayability.

You can also Click Here to read some extra development details including the roadmap of planned features and where development currently stands in the roadmap progress.  Our social media and News pages are also good for dev updates.

In Great Gun Gauntlet the player controls Gear Guy, an experimental defense robot being tested in a strange facility where whoever runs this place has decided the best way to perform these tests is with a series of difficult gauntlets designed to see just what their robot can handle.


Many different obstacles, turret guns, and laser emitters will threaten the player's survival as they try to collect points and progress through the increasing difficulty.  Can you survive all the way to the end?

Great Gun Gauntlet Early Access Screenshot
Great Gun Gauntlet Early Access Screenshot

This arena survival game could also be seen as a game where the levels travel to you instead.

Equipped with an energy shield and a high speed booster, the dual-stick style gameplay requires players to push themselves with fast reaction time and precise aim to position themselves just right to deflect bullets right back

at the turrets.

Difficulty increases as the score increases, so collecting points and going for combos is key to improving best times or even just beating the later more difficult gauntlets.

The gauntlets themselves are made up of a series of patterns.  Each pattern decides which obstacles appear, how fast the conveyors are, and specifics such as how many bullets are being shot from the guns or how many obstacles are being created.

Patterns in the gauntlets can also get very complex, leading to scenarios such as a wall of turrets being brought in, a single conveyor speeding up rapidly, bursts of different obstacles spawning in groups, or different conveyors carrying different obstacles.

Great Gun Gauntlet Early Access Screenshot
Great Gun Gauntlet Early Access Screenshot

The gauntlets available to play vary both in style and difficulty.  Mega Mix will utilize a mix of all obstacles, while others such as Collectathon includes only collectables and the plasma style obstacles.

Certain later gauntlets will be designed purely for difficulty, testing the most dedicated players.

Each different arena added to the game will have new gauntlets designed for it.  Some may share existing gauntlet names, but they will be curated to fit the design of that specific arena.

As development of Great Gun Gauntlet continues we plan on updating this page with more info about the other game modes, arenas, and possibly even other playable characters we hope to add to the game.  Everything you see here currently comes from the work in progress state of development and only shows a portion of what we hope to have when development is complete.

Great Gun Gauntlet Early Access Screenshot
Great Gun Gauntlet Early Access Screenshot
Great Gun Gauntlet Early Access Screenshot
Great Gun Gauntlet Early Access Screenshot

This Steam Early Access game is currently not a finished game and may or may not change significantly over the course of development. To learn more about Steam Early Access, please visit

If you are curious about the changes and improvements since the original demo

you could check out what we'll end up posting over on our News tab and social media accounts, eventually once we have all those comparisons compiled we'll list a few links below so they are easy to find down the road.

Over to the right you can see a small example of one of these update showcases like what you would find in the ongoing comparison posts.

And now that all of those posts have gone up you can find the compilation of videos and screenshots on this page here here.

Resources such as a high resolution copy of the game logo can be found here.

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