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GGG Graphical Improvement Comparisons

Here we have the full compiled set of comparisons made between the graphics of the demo and the current versions, including all of the obstacle turntables, the arena, and any extras we've posted along the way.

Most comparisons are straightforward, a few are a bit odd because these are recordings of the actual original demo assets so no animations or rendering methods are changed and there may be things like animation desync.

This one over to the right over here is also a bonus comparison of how the new ones look with dark lighting.

The player model is one of the nicest of the graphical updates, what's wild about it is just how much of a showcase of skill improvement it is as not only does it look far better but it also uses less polygons than the original.  Yes you heard that correctly, due to how poorly the original is optimized around the arms it comes in at 2,662 polygons while the new one is 2,592 polygons.  There is a large benefit to making sure your model's topology is clean and well optimized, especially if your model has any spheres on it at all as those can become insanely expensive on the polygon count when done wrong.

Gear Guy Wireframe Demo Comparison

Can't forget the arena comparison, much more consistent atmosphere in the new one with some nice dark contrast as well.

Visually I'd like to say it feels a lot less like it is just a videogame and actually feels a lot more like a place, there is still a distinct stylization I like to keep that makes it something other than realism but the consistency and atmosphere definitely gives it a better more immersive vibe than before.  The arena also doesn't do that weird rainbow color shifting anymore.

UI is another thing this shows improvements of, the metal slabs and gauges actually look like devices and not just... slabs.

Along with that, the lives being actually physically displayed as replacement Gear Guys is a touch I personally enjoy.

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