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Great Gun Gauntlet is a fast paced arcade-style "Dodge 'Em 'Up" game focused on dodging, deflecting, and destroying obstacles which enter the arena in increasingly difficult patterns.  It could be called an Arcade Action Arena.

Currently the free Alpha Demo only comes with one arena, four game modes, eight obstacle types, one character, local highscores, and no challenge modes.  If players enjoy the demo and the demand for more is there, we will continue developing the game to a fuller extent including more modes, variety, and hopefully online highscore listings!

More info about the game can be found at the bottom of the page!

Feel free to download the demo below.  Feedback and questions welcome.


Download Links Below!

Version 0.6.2

Minimum Computer Specs

CPU   -   32bit, 2.0GHz, Duel Core

GPU   -   Anything Decent

Memory(RAM)   -   2 GB

Disk Space   -   600 MB

A Unity compatible system.

Keyboard & Mouse

Recommended Computer Specs

CPU   -   64bit, 3.0GHz, Quad Core

GPU   -   GeForce GTX750 or better

Memory(RAM)   -   4 GB

Disk Space   -   1 GB

1080p, 60fps compatible screen.

PC Compatible Controller

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General Gameplay

In Great Gun Gauntlet you control a small robot doing trial runs in a testing facility.  Gameplay takes place in a small single screen arena with conveyors which bring obstacles in and out from the left and right sides of the screen, your goal is to survive as long as possible through various patterns of these obstacles until your 5 lives run out.

Surviving can be done by basic movement, using your deflector to push Obstacles or deflect Bullets, and by using your boost to get the extra speed needed to react to intense moments.

Your score goes up as long as you are alive, you can increase score further by deflecting Bullets into Obstacles to destroy them or by collecting the green Points Capsules.

The game has 4 modes: Mega Mix which focuses on all Obstacles, Gun Gauntlet which focuses on Turrets and Lasers, CollectAthon which focuses on Burning Obstacles, and Super Rotatoes which is mostly a joke mode focused on Spinning Obstacles.

Great Gun Gauntlet Screenshot
Great Gun Gauntlet Screenshot

Main Goals & Objectives

Besides enjoying the challenge and competing for the best high scores, Great Gun Gauntlet also provides a "Victory Mode" option which gives arenas a proper end point at Max Difficulty.  There are 4 modes in the demo to complete!

For faster Victory Runs you can collect Points Capsules or deflect Bullets into Obstacles to destroy them and gain points.  Anything that gains you points speeds up the Difficulty progression and helps give you a better fastest time or high score.

Types Of Obstacles

What is a Dodge 'Em Up without something to dodge?  

  • Boxes - The most basic kind of obstacle, they simply exist to get in your way.  They also come in Large Box variety.

  • Spinners - Similar to Boxes but include a large spinning pole to make it harder to evade but easier to push away.

  • Burning Boxes - Boxes are far more dangerous when they kill you on contact.  They also come in Burning Spinner variety.

  • Turrets - The main obstacle of the game, these guns rotate to face you and fire Bullets at various speeds.

  • Bullets - Fired from Turrets, will kill you on contact.  Can be deflected and Green Bullets will destroy Obstacles.

  • Lasers - A scarier type of gun, fires a constant beam you must dodge.  Beams cannot be deflected and destroy everything in their path. They also come in Spinning Laser variety.

  • Points Capsules - Not exactly an obstacle, instead you want to collect these as they give you 100 points each.

Great Gun Gauntlet Screenshot
Great Gun Gauntlet Screenshot

Planned Features

In later versions we plan to vastly increase the amount of content, below are examples of content that is guaranteed to be in the game by version 1.0.

  • Online High Scores - Whether it be for competing against friends or the whole world, high scores through the internet makes the whole process more enjoyable.

  • More Arenas - The full game will likely have between 3 and 6 different arenas to play in.  The differences between arenas will mostly involve how many conveyors there are and what directions they move in.

  • More Modes - Sometimes you want to dodge bullets sometimes you just want to dodge burning boxes, more modes let a player decide what they are most in the mood for.  There could easily be anywhere from 5 to 10 of these.

  • More Obstacles - For a game named Great Gun Gauntlet it actually doesn't have many types of guns right now, this will change as we add more types of lasers, add turrets that shoot in more ways than simply straight, add different kinds of bullets, and perhaps guns that don't even shoot bullets or beams!  More types of boxes and point capsules too.

  • Far Improved Control Customization - We have ideas for a better designed controls menu which should allow for not only a better user experience but also should allow for the ability to set multiple buttons to do the same action.

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