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Long time no see!

Yes we are still alive, surprising isn't it? I can't believe it has been over 2 years since my last post here? Well, I guess I can believe it, time flies and both Kyle and myself have been very busy, and unfortunately GoldenCrab doesn't pay the bills yet so we haven't been able to focus on the game projects nearly as much as we wish to.

It's somewhat of a feedback loop, not having time for the projects means they take longer to finish, not finishing the projects means they don't make money to be able to focus time on them.

But hey, at least I apparently have all the time in the world to update the website design, though I guess either way I'd need to make time for it as some of the Wix features it was using were becoming depreciated and I needed to update them. Speaking of which, this news tab is using their new blog system, and I've also added a new Dev Workshop category which I hope will increase our activity on the blog during down periods of productivity.

The new Dev Workshop category on the blog will be any kind of programming, graphical, or other development experiments/tests or hurdles that don't fit being a game update or company news post, side stuff we figure people would enjoy seeing.

Besides personal and site updates, obviously as a game company we should talk about our games right? Been kinda YEARS with nothing but a demo out right? Mystery project you were supposed to hear about in 2018 right? Okay okay so videogames take forever to make for a 2 person team, that much is obvious at least to us, plus we definitely aren't fast developers, and with that we figured it'd probably be maaaybe a smart idea to delay our upcoming projects to quickly try to revamp Great Gun Gauntlet and release it as Early Access hopefully on places like Steam. Previously I wasn't the biggest fan of Early Access, but for a project like this where we have a full road map of ideas that can keep people confident we will see this to completion and the base functions of the game in place I figure this is a good project to have the last portion of development out there for the public to interact with as we finish it. Plus, if we get lucky and it makes more than ten dollars in its time before full release, maybe we'll have the money to hire a real musician for the music or something.

Anyway, that's my huge dump of thoughts for now, I hope to get better with keeping up with these blog posts at least so they can be shorter instead of huge dumps of recent events. Or who knows maybe I'll go back to being a hermit crab and will see you all in 2 more years. Oh no.

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