What could this be?  Seems like GoldenCrab Studios is working on a new project! 

More info about this project will be revealed after Great Gun Gauntlet has gone through its early access release.


“GoldenCrab Studios is an independent game developer focused on designing and building digital games.  We don’t tie ourselves down to specializing in one genre or one series—we have a number of projects lined up based on very different concepts.  Most importantly, we hope to make lots of games that you will love no matter how many times you play them!”

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Great Gun Gauntlet is a fast paced arcade-style highscore game focused on dodging, deflecting, and destroying obstacles which enter the arena in increasingly difficult patterns.

A free demo currently up for download!

GoldenCrab Mystery Project 1

Shhhh...!  Don't tell anyone that I still need to add more details to the main page, just enjoy the awkwardly placed really long Twitter feed.