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GGG Change Log v0.7.0 - Early Access Launch Update!

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While we kept the demo decently up to date with QoL features as we worked towards release, now we move forward with our first release version! v0.7 brings some rebalance to existing gauntlets and 2 new ones. Two more play modes as well for those who are truly sadistic, One Hit and One Life mode if the game wasn't spicy enough for you.

Also another important change is the addition of a level unlocking system, giving a taste for how progress will feel as we add content to the game.

Survival Mode menu screenshot as of Early Access release.


- Removed Demo menus, replaced with regular menus.

- Rebalanced Startup Program to be better as a first level.

- Rebalanced Gun Gauntlet.

- Added new Gauntlet, No Gun Zone.

- Added new Gauntlet, Mega Mix.

- Added new gameplay music track.

- Added new boss music track.

- Added One Hit Mode.

- Added One Life Mode.

- Adjusted Player Shield size.

- Adjusted Plasma Spinner collider size.

- Enabled game progression/level unlocking.

- Fixed issue where certain sounds wouldn't play.

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