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Recent GGG Demo Changelogs

We've recently put a demo out during Steam Next Fest, so if you're curious to try Great Gun Gauntlet give the demo a download over on our steam page.

Recent updates have mostly been bug fixes, but there have been a few quality of life improvements worth noting as well.

One example being a change to bullets so they have better clarity.

Another example being some changes to the controller config menu to add keyboard config and better UI all around.

The next update will be the first Early Access launch version, so stay tuned!

Full changelogs for the recent demo versions:


- Initial Demo Uploaded


- Made Demo Welcome Screen visible.

- Adjusted timing on music layers.

- Rebalanced Startup Program slightly.

- Rebalanced Gun Gauntlet slightly.

- Improved edge cases involving Mine and Rocket fire rates.

- Added sparkles while player is energized.

- Fixed bug with Spinning Laser audio.

- Fixed default conveyor visual style.

- Fixed timing on recovery shield animation.

- Fixed some particles not clearing on new game.

- Fixed powerups continuing between games.


- Added basic Steam Overlay integration.

- Misc tiny optimizations.

- Added ChangeLog file.

- Slight UI improvements.

- Settings now save and load properly.

- Added system for better upgrading Config files during development.

- Fixed bug with Spinning Laser Audio AGAIN.

- Fixed bug causing boss to shake screen extra.

- Fixed bug causing objects to appear during main menu.


- Subtly tightened controls.

- Added movement sensitivity sliders.

- Subtle screen effect tweaks.

- Experimental improvement to bullet visibility.

- Trying out a rebalance of Heavy and Light Turrets.

- Adjusted Laser hitboxes to be slightly more lenient.

- Added keyboard config menu.

- Fixed some small UI navigation issues.

- Fixed bug with config not resetting correctly.

- Fixed some small issues with boss hitboxes.

- Fixed bug allowing player to boost during pause & menus.

- Fixed bug causing a certain combination of inputs/menuing to restart current run.

- Fixed bug causing bullets to spawn out of bounds.


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