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Another small site update

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Some tweaks have been made to the website to make it run slightly better. As important as a good looking site is it is also important that it works well for as many people as possible.

Due to wanting to strike a balance between a light weight website and one with a lot of features I have removed a handful of unnecessary bits and pieces such as the extra social buttons at the very bottom of every page, along with that I have removed a broken Search Bar App which appears to have been some kind of ripoff only allowing for a measly 30 searches per month (of which some random bot used up all 30). I have also improved image compression on certain images.

It is hard to get exact numbers on the loading speed but judging by what I compared using various speed test sites it seems to be at the very least 10% faster than before. More impressively the site went down from a whopping 3.38MB to a much more reasonable 1.89MB.

Outside of improving loading times I am also debating moving the social buttons up into the header so that I may free up more space for content on each page. This should have no impact on site loading time and could possibly improve it (Depending on what Wix does it is possible it reloads those every time you open a page). Feedback highly appreciated.


I've also attempted to improve the Mobile version of the site slightly. It is better than before but it still appears to load somewhat slowly, however at this point that is out of our hands and is up to if Wix can improve the backend of their website builder. The mobile site will always be a lot simpler than the desktop site, and due to this for now I have disabled access to the forums through mobile.

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