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Great Gun Gauntlet Media Pack

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

I'm impressed I forgot to upload this already, very professional of me.

Below is a link to a zip file containing a pack of high quality Great Gun Gauntlet related media to use as you please. Stuff such as this promotional art I drew without any of the text cluttering it.

Pack should contain:

  • GoldenCrab Studios Logo

  • Great Gun Gauntlet Logo (Alpha Demo)

  • Great Gun Gauntlet Logo (Normal)

  • Standalone Gear Guy Art ("In Motion")

  • Standalone Gear Guy Art (Static)

  • Promotional Art 4K Resolution

  • Promotional Art 1080p Resolution

  • Promotional Art Uncropped + No Logos

  • Promotional Art Vertical 1080p

  • Six 4K Great Gun Gauntlet Screenshots


Also don't forget Great Gun Gauntlet's demo is out, feel free to click here to download it.


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