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Great Gun Gauntlet, coming to Steam Next Fest!

We seem to be all set with our demo ready just in time for the upcoming Steam Next Fest!

Give it a try February 5th to get a taste for the game before launch!

We will likely keep the demo up after the event as well, for those unsure about jumping in on an Early Access title trying a demo is a great way to figure out if the experience is something you want to play more of immediately or wait until it's finished.

The demo will have the first two gauntlets in the first arena, a fraction of the content we want to add to the full game but a good preview of how the main mechanics feel playing as Gear Guy.

Besides the demo coming out, we will also be announcing the official release date for Early Access soon. We've already mentioned March as the goal, and as we close in on that it becomes more and more realistic! Stay tuned, these will be an exciting two months for us!


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