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Great Gun Gauntlet Update v0.6.1 Changelog

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

After quite a hiatus we've finally come out with the 0.6.1 update, including many bug fixes, much polish, and some general balance.

For those interested, however, here is the full Changelog of most everything different about this update!


  • Keyboard & Controller are now supported for Menu Navigation.

  • A Settings Button has been added to the Pause Menu.

  • A Restart Button has been added to the Pause Menu.

  • Bullets now fire at more realistic speeds based on how fast their Turret is moving.

  • Some Obstacles spawn during the Main Menu to make it less boring.

  • Game sounds are now muffled when menus are open.

Fixes & Changes:

  • Fixed major issue causing the game to not save or load Settings and Highscores correctly.

  • Fixed major issue causing the Player's Rotation and Mouse Movements to be very slow with Vsync off.

  • Fixed major issue causing data such as Difficulty Percentage and Score to not reset at the start of every round.

  • Fixed odd problem causing the Music and Sound Sliders to not fully change to the selected audio levels.

  • Method for spawning objects has been completely reworked for better gameplay results.

  • The game now only runs in 16:9 Aspect Ratios for consistency. Should automatically add black bars or stretch to fit other ratios.

  • Texture Quality Toggles now actually change the quality of the textures.

  • Improved framerates when camera shakes.

  • Menu Buttons now animate properly when game is paused.

  • Tweaked how cameras render, Menus are now on one unified camera and some useless cameras have been removed.

  • Optimizations have been made to the game's code for increased performance.

  • Optimizations have been made to the UI for increased performance.

  • Menu Button Animations have been slightly improved.

  • Game audio has less audio pops and sound cutoffs.

  • Various tweaks have been made to the visuals and sounds, nothing specifically notable, should look and sound slightly better.

Known issues:

  • There are still some very slight audio pops we can't do much about with the current version of Unity we are using.

  • Still no Linux support. One of us still needs to set up a system for testing purposes.

  • There is this really weird very minor bug which sometimes causes a random box to move when you first push boxes during gameplay. It is a very dumb stupid annoyingly hard to duplicate bug that we have no idea what is even causing it and it is minor enough to honestly not care.

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