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Great Gun Gauntlet Update v0.6.2 Changelog

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Much smaller update than last time, just a small set of cosmetic improvements we felt were worth making a new version for. The big thing about this update however is we've switched over to using Amazon's file hosting for the downloads, this means you can download GGG through a fast, safe, well known service! Plus Direct Links work properly now so getting the game is one click away!

Just like last time here is the full Changelog of what changed with this new version and what is still unfixed.

Fixes & Changes:

  • We've found a way to improve the smoothness of the framerate for people who have Vsync enabled and can run the game at 30 or 60 frames per second. Previously when the game was paused or time was slowed using the Boost mechanic, once time went back to normal speed it would cause a very ugly visual stutter. In the vast majority of instances we have fixed this stutter and the game should run at a consistent smooth pace now.

  • Text has been made more readable on the How To Play menu.

  • The colors, contrast, and lighting have been adjusted.

  • Minor visual bugs have been fixed, nit picking.

Known issues:

  • There are still some very slight audio pops we can't do much about with the current version of Unity we are using.

  • Still no Linux support. One of us still needs to set up a system for testing purposes.

  • There is this really weird very minor bug which sometimes causes a random box to move when you first push boxes during gameplay. It is a very dumb stupid annoyingly hard to duplicate bug that we have no idea what is even causing it and it is minor enough to honestly not care.

  • Sometimes when first loading the game the GoldenCrab logo's audio is desynced. This can only be fixed when we upgrade to a newer version of Unity.

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