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Fancier Conveyors - GGG Dev Log #1

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Hey there, welcome to the first dev log for Great Gun Gauntlet! I'm hoping these are nice and informative and help keep people up to date with everything we're working on as development continues. For these first few we will be talking about changes from our old Alpha Demo.

Starting with a relatively simple yet fundamental feature of the game, let's talk about Conveyors! First, a quick overview of their role in the game: In Great Gun Gauntlet obstacles are brought into the arena via the conveyors, this makes the conveyors fundamental to the appearance of obstacles and their positioning in the arena; some obstacles are only threatening to the player because of what the conveyors are doing as they move them around.

In the Alpha Demo conveyors were very stiff, three conveyors with directions Right, Left, Right or vise versa if the speeds were reversed. <<< >>>


This was extremely limiting to what kind of patterns could be designed in each gauntlet and kept the gameplay very same-y.

In the full release we've completely freed how we can design conveyor speeds and directions.

Examples below include making them all move the same direction, even at different speeds:

Any combination of matching or differing directions:

And even the ability to have a conveyor completely stopped (or all of them, of course):

While the Right, Left, Right type format is the "classic" feel, this is definitely one of those improvements that makes it feel like the sky is the limit for design options, especially when coupled with other new features that will be talked about in later posts.

Also along with improving the simple directional options, some of the work done for this helps prep for later arenas which will more than likely have different numbers of conveyors to design for. A lot of the work done to the gauntlet pattern system was in preparation for new arenas.

Speaking of conveyors, as a side note I know this moving lines kind of look might not appeal to everyone. While I have no issue with them myself I imagine there may be someone out there that gets motion sickness from it or has some other kind of potential problem with it (possibly if racing games are difficult, this may feel similar?), because of these potential issues I do want to include various graphical options for the conveyors so they might appeal to wider audiences.

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