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Score Combos - GGG Dev Log #3

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Another recent improvement to the gameloop has been the addition of a combo system to the way the player scores points. Originally each object simply rewarded a set number of points when destroyed, but now so long as you keep scoring points every second you will receive an increasing amount as your combo increases!

A bonus new feature to mention that goes along with this, different obstacles have different amounts of health now, and may take multiple hits to destroy. This doesn't however mean higher health obstacles will ruin your combo, doing damage at all rewards you a small amount of points and keeps your combo fresh!

This system isn't just for the benefit of your high scores and adding meta to the community score competition, but also ties into how progress works in this game. Progression towards beating a gauntlet/increasing its difficulty is advanced entirely by score, so if you'd like to win in a reasonable amount of time playing well and keeping that combo going is in your interest!

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